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..... 2015: Celebrating 26 Years!

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Horizon, along with UGA, was responsible for the investment and 4 years of work to get the USPS to start mailing live birds back in 1989.
We also helped push FedEx to accept live birds for the USPS in late 2006 just before the USPS was about to turn it completely off, 
helping hundreds of small businesses stay in business. We remain dedicated to being your voice in mailing live birds thru the USPS.

100% Security

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For phone orders or questions:
(800) 443-2498
7:00 - 5:00 Eastern, Mon-Thur
7:00 - 12 noon on Fridays


Which container can you use?

Large Waterfowl 
Small Waterfowl
Baby Chicks

All Horizon Containers


Trust only a Horizon designed container
26 years of experience in keeping your birds safe, healthy, & strong while in the hands of the USPS and FedEx.

Entering our 
th Year 


Foam Egg Shippers

Our "Total Foam Egg Shippers" include the foam tray and 2 foam pads. 
The USPS Priority mail boxes are available for free at your local US Post Office facility. 
All egg shippers measure 12 x 12 x 3" tall.

Sizes available:

36-hole Chicken Egg shipper
52-hole Pigeon Egg shipper
105-hole Quail Egg shipper


Shipping Rates, Distributor's list, and Delivery Schedules.


Updated 09/03/2015
Domestic Mail Manual 
(DMM) 526.41-43


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