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For USPS Information on mailing live birds, along with the Post Office's Direct Mail Manual (DMM)

 click here.

DO                                                    DO

DO NOT                                              DO NOT

Please take care when shipping live birds.
We want your birds to arrive alive and in good condition!

Do's  &  Don'ts

The Bird N.E.S.T.s for birds are designed to protect your birds in transit, 
YOU must prepare them for travel.




   DO ___ Feed and water birds prior to shipment.
DO ___ Place litter or bedding in the bottom of the box to collect moisture, 
                                      reduce odors, and provide a foothold.
DO ___ Place a source of moisture in the box with the birds. 
                                      This source should be something that will hold it's moisture 
                                      for several days, not be able to be spilled, and be acceptable 
                                      or accustomed to the birds such as sliced cucumber, apple, 
                                      or orange. Do not depend solely on leafy vegetables as these 
                                      will wilt and loose their moisture content very quickly.
DO ___ Inform the recipient of the expected delivery time so they will be 
                                     able to unpack and care for the birds as quickly as possible.
DO ___ Consult experienced shippers if you have any questions.
DO ___ Check weather conditions in your area and at the destination to 
                                     insure that  they will not pose a threat to your birds or cause a 
                                     shipping delay.
DO ___ Contact your local post office for the delivery schedule that will 
                                     minimize transit time and insure delivery on a business day.
DO ___ Write the shipping address on the box in case the shipping 
                                     label comes off.

  DO  NOT __ ship birds that are injured, ill, or under unusual stress.
  DO  NOT __ remove the white breathable membrane from over the 
                                            ventilation holes. The membrane protects your birds from 
                                            airborne pathogens, reduces excitability, and stress, and is
                                            REQUIRED by postal regulations.
  DO  NOT __ ship birds in very hot or very cold weather conditions. 
                                            Remember, the temperature inside a closed container will 
                                            always be higher than the temperature outside the container. 
                                            This excess heat can be injurious or fatal to birds in hot 
                                            weather. This is the reason for our complicated designs. 
                                            Tolerance of heat and cold varies with species, age, and 
                                            time of year. If in doubt -- don't ship.
  DO NOT __  over pack the box. Too many birds in a box can cause 
                                            over-heating and stress which can be harmful or fatal. 
                                            Stuffing a box full  of birds to save a few bucks on shipping is 
                                            not worth the risk.
  DO  NOT __ ship birds over the weekend or holiday. 
                                            They may become stranded!


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